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Network Tap Switch

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- 10/100/1000Mb Copper(Network 2, Monitoring 2Port)

The model is following models.
DDX-10/100/1000 - UTP 10/100/1000Mb Copper(Network 2, Monitoring 2Port)

Eliminates the need for network connectors to be disconnected and connected each time a segment needs to be analyzed

  • Non-intrusive, fault-tolerant, invisible to the network
  • Redundant power supply insures seamless monitoring even if the main power source is unavailable
  • Never lose packets from power failure - industry-leading "no break the link" design guarantees network traffic will continue to flow uninterrupted
  • View all traffic on both sides of full duplex links
  • Reduces degradation of switch performance due to port mirroring
  • View Layer 1 and 2 errors such as runts and CRC errors
  • Comes with convenient built-in rack-mount or use an optional rack-mount package to mount 3 units (at 1U) and up to 14 units (at 4U).
  • Passes all pairs
  • Attached File